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Ireland and other European countries to recognize Palestinian statehood ( image
1 dead, 6 critically injured amid 'severe' turbulence on Singapore Airlines flight, carrier says ( image
US indicates initial satisfaction with Israeli tailoring of Rafah military plans (
‘Now is not the time’ ( image
Spain rebukes Argentina’s Milei after derogatory comments about Prime Minister Sanchez' wife ( image
WATCH: Hearing goes off the rails as Ted Cruz accuses Biden official of funding Hamas attack on Israel ( image
Deadly Clashes in a French Pacific Territory Raise Fears of Civil War ( image
Ukrainian Missiles Are Blowing Up The Black Sea Fleet's New Missile Corvettes Faster Than Russia Can Build Them ( image
A Canadian serial killer who brought victims to his pig farm is hospitalized after a prison assault ( image
Ukraine says it may have destroyed Russia's last cruise missile carrier based out of Crimea ( image
Egypt changed terms of Gaza ceasefire deal presented to Hamas, surprising negotiators, sources say ( image
Pentagon says none of the aid unloaded from US pier off coast of Gaza has been delivered to broader Palestinian population ( image
Russia begins nuclear drills in response to 'provocative statements' ( image
Emmanuel Macron making surprise trip to New Caledonia amid deadly unrest on French territory ( image
Senators, protesters assail Blinken over Biden administration's Israel policy ( image
Grieving chimpanzee carries around her dead baby for months at zoo in Spain ( image
Notorious serial killer who murdered over 20 women assaulted in prison, in life-threatening condition ( image
Monkeys ‘falling out of trees like apples’ in Mexico amid brutal heatwave ( image
Russia starts exercise to simulate launch of tactical nuclear weapons ( image
Mexico's howler monkeys dropping dead as heat toll mounts ( image
Naples region rocked by more than 150 quakes ( image
Israeli minister orders return of equipment seized from AP news agency (
Speaker Johnson eyes legislation to sanction ICC officials over arrest warrant requests ( image
'An extraordinary collapse': What Andrea Mitchell saw inside the courtroom at Trump's trial ( image
It's so hot in Mexico that howler monkeys are falling dead from the trees ( image
Severe turbulence on Singapore Airlines flight 321 from London leaves 1 dead, others injured, airline says ( image
Israeli government shuts down Associated Press live shot of Gaza, seizes equipment ( image
Japanese town erects giant screen in front of Mount Fuji to prevent tourist crowding ( image
Monkeys are dropping dead from trees in Mexico as a brutal heat wave is linked to "mass deaths" ( image
Gaza: Israel shuts down Associated Press news agency live feed ( image
10 bodies found scattered around Mexico's resort city of Acapulco ( image
Greek judge drops charges against 9 Egyptians accused of causing shipwreck that killed hundreds ( image
Reichsbürger group members go on trial over alleged coup ( image
Kremlin says Zelenskyy 'slipping into hysterics' wanting the West to get directly involved in the war ( image
No more cute snaps of Mt Fuji. A screen is up in a Japanese town to prevent tourist crowds ( image
Australia and New Zealand begin evacuating nationals from unrest in New Caledonia ( image
Mom of 21-year-old American detained in Congo says he's 'an innocent boy following his father' ( image
Dead monkeys are dropping from Mexico’s trees in brutal heat wave (
Israeli officials seize AP equipment, cut live feed citing new media law ( image
Macron to fly to New Caledonia after French island hit by riots ( image
One dead and 30 injured after severe turbulence hits Singapore Airlines flight ( image
France backs ICC after it seeks arrest warrants for Israel's Netanyahu, Hamas leaders ( image
Move to extend police protest powers ruled unlawful ( image
Spain recalls Argentina ambassador in Milei insult row ( image
Israeli officials seize AP equipment and take down live shot of northern Gaza, citing new media law ( image
Singapore Airlines: One dead, several hurt in severe turbulence ( image
"I Am Truly Sorry": UK PM Apologises For Infected Blood Scandal Cover-Up ( image
One dead as Singapore Airlines flight encounters 'severe turbulence' ( image
Infected blood scandal: 'My husband died five weeks ago - compensation scheme is too late' ( image
Singapore Airlines passenger dead after Boeing jet hits 'severe turbulence' ( image
'We're not about to fold': Janet Yellen says efforts are underway to package a $50 billion loan to Ukraine using frozen Russian funds ( image
Singapore Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Bangkok, 30 injured, Thai media says ( image
Swarmed with tourists, Japan town blocks off viral view of Mt. Fuji ( image
Greek court throws out shipwreck trial against nine Egyptians ( image
British court rules Julian Assange may make full appeal against US extradition on First Amendment grounds ( image
Australia, New Zealand send evacuation flights to New Caledonia ( image
Japanese town overrun with tourists puts up view-blocking barrier near Mount Fuji ( image
Dominican Republic president declares himself winner in election ( image
Iran begins days of funeral ceremonies for President Raisi as investigators probe helicopter crash ( image
'We Must Abandon the Rules We've Created' – Ukraine at War Update for May 21 ( image
US says it was 'unable' to provide Iran assistance after helicopter crash ( image
New Caledonia: Australia and New Zealand send evacuation flights amid unrest ( image
Explainer: The foiled coup in DR Congo: Here's what to know ( image
Infected blood scandal: Sunak promises 'comprehensive' blood compensation ( image
Biden denounces ICC for ‘outrageous’ implication of equivalence between Israel and Hamas ( image
Americans involved in foiled deadly coup, DR Congo military says ( image
Australia and New Zealand sending planes to evacuate nationals from New Caledonia's unrest ( image
Ukraine controls 60% of Kharkiv border town after Russian raids, Kyiv says ( image
Britain slammed in inquiry for infecting thousands with tainted blood and covering up the scandal ( image
Julian Assange can appeal his extradition to the U.S., a British court has ruled ( image
South Africa's top court rules former President Zuma banned from election. ( image
Wikileaks' Julian Assange's wins right to appeal U.S. extradition ( image
Julian Assange wins right to challenge US extradition ( image
Julian Assange awaits 'decisive day' in High Court extradition battle (
Lai Ching-te inaugurated as Taiwan's president ( image
Rwanda is transforming and growing — but at what cost? ( image
EXCLUSIVE: ICC seeks arrest warrants against Sinwar and Netanyahu for war crimes over October 7 attack and Gaza war ( image
'Stop threatening Taiwan', its new president William Lai tells China ( image
Live updates: Iran President Ebrahim Raisi dead in helicopter crash in East Azerbaijan Province ( image
Lai Ching-te takes office as the new president of Taiwan ( image
Iran helicopter crash: Supreme leader appoints First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber as acting president ( image
New Taiwanese president calls on China to stop its threats ( image
Taiwan’s new president calls on China to stop its ‘intimidation’ after being sworn into historic third term for ruling party ( image
Fareed: Israeli military officials are turning on Netanyahu ( image
‘China’s threats to annex Taiwan will not simply disappear,’ says Taiwan’s new president – as it happened ( image
US national security adviser, Saudi Arabia's crown prince meet to discuss 'semi-final' security deal ( image
Shani Louk, whose body was paraded through Gaza, laid to rest in Israeli funeral: 'In your death you became a symbol' (
Duckworth brings Gaza medical team's pleas directly to White House ( image
Infected blood scandal: Inquiry into NHS disaster to publish findings ( image
France mobilises police to regain control of New Caledonia airport road ( image
Slovak prime minister's condition remains serious but prognosis positive after assassination bid (
Taiwan's new president inherits political gridlock at home (
White House hits back at Stefanik after she blasts Biden in Israel ( image
Air India Express plane engine catches fire, forcing emergency landing at Bangalore airport ( image
Dominicans vote in general elections with eyes on crisis in neighboring Haiti ( image
Slovakia PM Fico no longer in danger after assassination attempt ( image
Slovakian Prime Minister Fico no longer in immediate danger but condition still serious, deputy says ( image
'Blood everywhere': Survivor recounts attack on tourists in Afghanistan ( image
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange facing pivotal moment in long fight to stay out of US court ( image
Man City wins record fourth straight Premier League title after 3-1 win against West Ham ( image
Slovak PM Fico's Condition Serious, but Stable After Assassination Attempt ( image
Fighting intensifies in northern Gaza; body of fourth hostage recovered ( image
Pakistani nationals studying in Kyrgyzstan asked to stay indoors after mobs attack foreigners, foreign ministry says ( image
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says many campus protesters "don't know much that history" from Middle East ( image
Spain recalls ambassador after Argentina's Milei calls PM's wife 'corrupt' ( image
Israeli Who Lost His Family on October 7 Assaulted by Right-wing Protesters - Israel News ( image
Stefanik calls for wiping Hamas ‘off the face of the Earth’ and touts Trump policies in speech to Israeli Knesset (
Bibi blocks Israeli agency chiefs' meetings with U.S. officials ( image
Settlers Attack Palestinian Trucker They Thought Was Delivering Aid to Gaza, and Soldiers Who Came to Treat Him - Israel News ( image
Stefanik rebukes Biden in Knesset speech for curbing weapons to Israel ( image
At least 27 killed in central Gaza airstrike as U.S. envoy visits the region ( image
Yemen's Houthi rebels launch a missile that strikes an oil tanker in the Red Sea, US military says (
GOP lawmaker proposes sanctions against Georgian officials over Russian-inspired law ( image
Iran sentences to death a Jewish man who killed a Muslim ( image
An airstrike kills 20 in central Gaza as Israel's leaders air wartime divisions ( image
Iranian Jew's Execution Delayed For A Month, Further Details Revealed ( image
Helicopter carrying Iran’s president suffers ‘hard landing’: State TV ( image
Rep. Elise Stefanik rebukes Biden and praises Trump in address to Israeli parliament (
Jake Sullivan, Saudi Arabia's crown prince discuss security deal - POLITICO ( image
Rescuers in Iran trying to reach a helicopter involved in an 'incident' while accompanying president ( image
Jacob Zuma's MK takes fight to ANC stronghold of Soweto in South Africa election ( image
As killings surge, Haitians struggle to bury loved ones and find closure in violent capital ( image
Israel-Gaza war live: more than 30 people killed in strike on refugee camp in central Gaza ( image
Lai Ching-te, the political brawler who went from a Taiwan mining village to the presidency ( image
The German chancellor tours flooded regions in the southwest in a show of solidarity ( image
Pope at Mass in Verona: 'The Holy Spirit changes our lives’ - Vatican News (
Russia says Ukraine makes 62-drone attack on Russia, oil refinery halted ( image
WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange faces U.S. extradition judgment day ( image
Former South Africa leader Zuma promises jobs and free education as he launches party manifesto ( image
Ukraine's new controversial mobilisation law takes effect (
Frustration with Netanyahu boils over on plans for Gaza after Hamas ( image
US national security adviser and Saudi Arabia crown prince hold security deal talks ( image
Brazil floods: On board a rescue helicopter ( image
The campaigners who fought for justice, but didn't live to see it ( image
Deadly Russian airstrikes on the cities of Kharkiv and Odesa ( image
Gunfire rings out in Congo's capital as men in military uniform clash with politician's guards ( image
An airstrike kills 20 in central Gaza and fighting rages as Israel's leaders air wartime divisions ( image
Argentina's Milei shuts up critics with miracle turnaround of economy, strong security policies ( image
At least 68 dead in Afghanistan after flash floods caused by unusually heavy seasonal rains ( image
Arab-Jewish Movement Standing Together Plans to Guard Gaza Aid Convoys From Right-wing Looters - Israel News ( image
Ukraine Destroys Russian Ammo Depot, Shoots Down 37 Drones Overnight ( image
Georgia’s future path at stake as protests divide nation ( image
Taiwan elections: Lai Ching-te to assume charge as the new president ( image
Ukraine says Russian shelling targets civilians in Kharkiv region ( image
Infected blood scandal: Surge in hepatitis C tests ( image
Brazil’s floods smashed through barriers designed to keep them out, trapping water in for weeks — and exposing social woes ( image
Xi Jinping Embracing Vladimir Putin in Defiance of the West ( image
New Caledonia 'under siege' from rioting - capital's mayor ( image
Slovak Prime Minister Fico in serious condition as suspect appears in court ( image
Arab and Palestinian Americans frustrated, left without commitments to policy change after meeting with Blinken (
Israeli military says it recovered another slain hostage from Gaza ( image
Israeli minister Gantz vows to quit over lack of post-war plan ( image
Georgian president vetoes ‘foreign agents’ bill after widespread opposition ( image
Bill Maher Says History Will Show GOP, Dems Equally 'Stupid About S***' ( image
US says NATO military trainers will eventually be sent to Ukraine: report ( image
Vietnam nominates its public security minister as new president ( image
Slow and Steady: How Ukraine's Sophisticated 'Flying Bricks' Pound Russia's Drone Factory ( image
New Caledonia ‘under siege’ says local official, as unrest claims another life (